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MyCAA coming back?

The MyCAA program is phenomenal. Military spouses can use $6,000 education dollars towards a portable career to help them as they move their families around the world supporting our military members. Unfortunately it was too successful. The initial enrollment in the program was 5 times the budgeted amount. So in February, without warning, they shut it down.

In March, they turned the MyCAA program back on for spouses who were currently enrolled. And now we wait to see if they will allow new spouses to start realizing their career goals.

Rumors are starting. I had heard that June was the re-start date. Now we are hearing that may be July. Please know that we are on it and will continue to make sure we notify you when they come back on.

In the mean time, if you want to know more here is a great resource on how to apply for MyCAA. Or write you Congressman or Senator and tell them to turn it back on!

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